We're Working as Fast as We Can!

As you can see from the various animated images on this web page the cartoon series is definitely under way. We're not sure yet exactly how many episodes the first season will be or when the first episode will finally be ready but we're definitely working hard to make it all happen as soon as possible.

A lot of the animation has been done to a temporary voice track but we're still in the process of casting all the parts and getting all of the final performances recorded. 3D animation is a very time-consuming process that usually involves a large team of people and a room full of very powerful computers. We're just two guys with a home computer and no money trying to make something special happen so please be patient while we work as fast as we can! At least the first book is available, in print or Kindle E-book format, so you can at least get a taste for what's to come once the series is completed.

Here are some of the stories we're working on...

"BIG CATS" - When a friendly giraffe pops up out of the drawing board the cats go on an adventure to Africa where they meet some very different...and much larger members of the cat family.

"THE PENGUINS" - Seeing a winter scene on John's drawing board gets the better of the cat's curiosity, having never seen snow before, and soon they encounter of pair of fun-loving penguins who show them the joys of cold weather antics.

"THE SQUIRREL" - The cats come to the aid of a hungry squirrel who has eaten all of the nuts in the city park he lives in. With the help of a talking taxi the squirrel is taken to the forest where he finds all the nuts he desires.

"THE DRAGON" - When the kittens disappear through the drawing board the cats travel to a Medieval fantasy town where they fear that the kittens have been captured by a fire-breathing dragon. They enlist the help of a very creaky old knight to rescue the kittens but they are actually in very safe hands.

"THE CIRCUS" - When a circus elephant gets cut off from the rest of the troupe the cats help him board a train that gets the elephant to the circus just in time for the performance.

"CAT AND MOUSE" - When a timid mouse sneaks through the drawing board looking for some cheese the cats have to figure out a way to make peace between the mouse and the cat he lives with.

"CATS IN SPACE" - Socks and Frankie take a trip through the drawing board to a strange alien world where they meet an astronaut with spaceship problems who is trying to get to his home planet.

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