Welcome to Back to the Drawing Board!

Welcome to the world of "Back to the Drawing Board," a magical place where a houseful of cats find adventure (and mischief) in the artwork that their pet parent, John, creates in his studio. Unbeknownst to him his drawing board is a portal that allows the cats to travel into the world of his creative imagination, and sometimes leads to unexpected guests popping up in the house.

The stories exist as both colorfully illustrated children's books and as an animated web series. While intended to be entertaining the tales usually involve an educational element as well, as the cats frequently travel to different places and meet animals and people they are unfamiliar with.

Most of the animated episodes include a musical number or two as the cats interact with their new friends and learn about their habits and their home.

Here's A Sample of One of the Songs

Meet the Cats!

The First Book Is Available Here

The first book, "Back to the Drawing Board: Big Cats," is available now in printed form or Kindle E-book for digital download. When a friendly giraffe pops up out of the drawing board the cats go on an adventure to Africa where they meet some very different...and much larger members of the cat family.


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Gallery of Friends

Here are some of the people, animals, and even talking vehicles that the cats encounter on their adventures.


Here are some of the real life kitties that have inspired the stories.

Web Series Update

Get the latest news on what's happening to bring these lovable cartoon cats (and kittens) to the small screen.